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during the past year Different types of online casino games in the gaming industry are widely distributed and enter online gambling on mobile which this channel has developed rapidly among them Casual puzzle games are popular among players. And social gaming games have become a hot game this year on online casino sites. The game continues to grow. and is expected to reach $4.4 billion each year. And here is a list of the opening of each online gambling website in the world.

Global Social and Mobile Game Revenues

North America $1.15 billion

Latin America $ 320 million

Europe $660 million

Asia $ 520 million

Other Regions $197 million

Social games play an important role. In social games create a unique player base. and completely different game mechanics But this growing market is facing many problems, opportunities and challenges.

The ranking of the top 20 mobile games in the world has evolved greatly for online casinos. At the recent International Games Industry Expo in London, a large number of gamers and investors gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the gaming market next year. Despite the downward trend in the overall social game classification. But the development of social games is still in a volatile phase. however, it requires reasonable user data collection.

Over the past two years, the number of monthly social games in use It accounts for the overall proportion of social games. How do you make the opportunity to expand this business? Limits

When players move from PC to mobile increase the overall consumption level Social gamers currently account for 13% of all social players. compared to 25% two years ago. Although the overall player base has decreased But the player’s ability to pay will still not be underestimated. The overall payout level is increasing by tablet players. On average, they spend more than twice the cost of social PC gamers. Additionally, we note that tablet players’ LTV costs are 22% higher than smartphone players’ digital device upgrades. And player migration has improved the overall performance of the market.

Earning from Mobile Games in Online Casinos Of the top ten social and mobile games in the world in the second half of this year, the top 10 social games in December dropped from $45.3 million to $42.5 million, and mobile gambling increased. increased from $41.7 million to $51.5 million