money management

Baccarat card game is similar to Dragon Tiger card game. The difference is in placing bets. For Baccarat card games, you can choose that there are more types of bets. is to choose to open up to three cards But the Dragon Tiger card game has a bet in the form of a single card showdown. In which the gambler will bet different amounts as well.

from many sources learned Most of the time, it is advisable to gamble that the cost budget, profit target and loss limit must be clearly defined. because it affects the way of placing bets

For professional gamblers or gamblers playing For a long time since the olden days, there are often very few negative effects. Because with a lot of experience They will set themselves to lose up to 70% of their capital each time. If playing and losing according to the specified target he will stop playing and admit that today is not his day and then

withdraw Then go back and prepare better with a better feeling. Also, professional gamblers will not allow themselves to lose their bets until they run out of money all at once. for general gamblers

The most common mistakes is a gambler when losing money always try to continue playing to get back the lost money For playing with short-term profit goals The gambler must be able to determine the amount to be lost first. In which playing in this manner may be a method of rolling money. But for gamblers, the capital is a little thick. May

increase capital every time winning no more than 3 consecutive eyes, but if you want to play in the long term The bettor may choose to walk the money regularly. Or each eye is equal and may be increased by 2 times in some strokes to win 2 – 3 consecutive eyes by ensuring that it will be released as actually imagined. Called the card or card pattern according to the formula itself.

If a player who wants to place a heavy bet just a few eyes Must separate funds into piles. to create profit and support at the same time May start playing at a table where 1/3 of the deck has been played to be able to read the card to a certain level before deciding to play. Therefore, the gambler must carefully study the information before

starting to play. to increase efficiency in decision making See you again in the next article.