New face in blackjack

money making techniques For new players in the game of blackjack.

In addition to various formulas In reading the cards, then the subject of money walking techniques. It is a matter that must not be overlooked absolutely for gamblers In every gambling game Which, of course, many people pay attention to writing down the formula until forgetting that walking money is also important and accidentally may be very important as well For novice gamblers with little capital

which the principle of walking money for online casino games each of them will be different And what we are going to introduce today is the formula for making money in blackjack games. Another popular card game. This game can bet in many ways. But the simplest And suitable for people who do not like to remember what is difficult. The 1:1 bet is the least risky bet. but not a lot of money as well compared to splitting or a double town call which calls for money like that We only want to do this if we are fully convinced that This game is really yours.

For 1:1 bets, we would like you to divide your money into 4 parts in a 1-3-2-6 ratio as follows:

• First stick or first round bet. Use the least amount of money, which is 100 baht, etc.

• Stick 2, if the first stick wins the next turn, multiply by 3 of the amount that goes into the first stick is 300 baht.

• Stick 3, if winning 1-2 eyes, 3rd eye, reduce the money to 200 baht to prevent the risk if the game changes

• Stick 4, if winning 3 consecutive eyes, press the money down to the last stick at 600 baht.

however To reach the 4th club or investment in the 4th turn, you only need to win in a row. Because if you lose when must return to the first step immediately Regardless of where the bet is reached and when the 4 rounds of betting are completed as in the example must return to the lowest limit as well In order to prevent any damage that may occur, the amount taken as a starting point in The formula for walking the money It may be more or less than in the example. But please stay on the same principle. according to the condition of the capital that existed at that time

Walking the money in the ways we recommend may seem less. but the truth is It can help prevent damage as well. For those whose hands are not still Or still not good at reading cards because at least When you lose, the loss is not as much as other money walks. The important thing is to practice discipline. and consistency in betting as well Do you have enough to win in a psychological game like blackjack?