Play Sic Bo Thai online, want to add only 3 things, direct experience from Pak Sian

Play Sic Bo Thai online, want to add only 3 things, direct experience from Pak Sian

  1. Look at the statistics of the dice.
    In order to play Thai Sic Bo, players must have basic playing. And know the rules of playing Thai dice very well before From who used to play in real Thai dice, some people or some Thai sic-bo, they often listen to the completion of the dice or to guess the dice before shaking. without paying attention to the statistics of the dice in each game But it doesn’t work for Sic Bo games online. Because it is a Thai Hi-Lo game with a service provider system. or playing with a computer program that the service provider has written

    Therefore, listening to the sound and guessing the dice before shaking is not necessary. It is equal to viewing the statistics of the dice of the online Sic Bo program. Viewing statistics can help make the decision of the players bet more accurately, for example, the dice stats of the Thai Hi-Lo room come out with 6 points in a row, 3 – 4 games, or there are 5 ,3 / 6, 3 for the player to place bets on the way to a high score or bet on all goals high, such as 6 , 5 ,2 / 6, 5, 3 / 6, 4, 2 / 5, 5, 4 and most Usually come out as follows, up to 80% ever.

  2. Look at the statistics of the low dice
    Just like the high exit statistics, it’s okay, but the online sic bo webpage always shows the percentage. The low exit is more than the high exit, which is exactly what it is. Thai Thai Sic Bo is most likely to issue low points more than high points. Therefore, let the players observe the previous dice. What hand points come out? If there is 1 point out of the line, 3-4 eyes or 1, 3 out in a row, that player Bet on the low side of all goals or bet 5, 1, 3 / 6, 1, 3 / 5, 1, 2 / 6, 1, 2 will give the player a chance to get more money from the game than betting. Thai dice in a favorite style or choose to bet on the low side only or bet on the high side only

    Which will cause the player to lose money if the points come out 11 dice, but if the bet is scattered around, it will give the opportunity to win every turn. There is also a bonus multiplier distributed as well.

  3. Play like an investor
    playing dice online Or online gambling must think that he is investing in business. Must be serious in playing Think analytically and invest with high money in order to bet on a wide variety. Multiple bets will increase your chances. to bring money into the pocket easily