Vocabulary and rules of poker you should know

Vocabulary and rules of poker you should know

to play poker Understanding the basic terminology is therefore very important because in playing, there are often terms that make the game easier to understand and more commonly used by most gamblers such as


  • big blind is the dealer’s 2nd position that will be forced to wager the full amount on that turn


  • small blind is the dealer’s left-hand position that will be forced to wager half the amount in that turn


  • The dealer is the last played position in poker. or if there is no dealt, the player who gets this position must be the dealt instead.


  • The flop is a pile of cards that allows people to mix and match cards from the middle to get the biggest cards. and win in play


After you understand the types of picture games to basic vocabulary, The next important thing you need to learn is the basic rules of poker.


All poker types are played at the start of the dealer, where cards are dealt with by all players. and after the player has had the cards The player who will start playing first is the player to the left of the dealer button.

Determining the winner of the poker

after you play poker until the end of the game If there are only 2 or more players left, all players have to show their hands to see who’s card is bigger. This is known as a showdown and the player with the biggest hand wins that turn and receives the entire pot for that play. but if the cards are tied The pot is divided into equal amounts.