Misconceptions about “tourist” visas

Misconceptions about the visa application of the tourist visa, which is a temporary visa to live in Australia


I would like to explain that I did not even discuss the subject. A tourist วีซ่าแต่งงาน is a temporary visa. You are also considered to be those who reside in Thailand. Put simply, your permanent address in Thailand itself. you go to Australia to A tourist visa is a temporary visa. If you’re thinking of staying in Australia longer than in Thailand, it’s strange, isn’t it? They haven’t banned you from staying in Australia for long, or you want to move permanently. But you have to apply for the right type of visa as well. Not with a tourist visa

And for some people who said they only traveled for 3 months, can I add it to 6 months? You shouldn’t use the word “only 3 months” at all. Traveling for only 3 months is already long enough. This law applies to tourists in general, which, in part, will take time. On a trip that lasts for 5-10 days, you must not take your feelings into account. The longer it takes, the longer it will be a temporary visa. Right now, they don’t have a policy for a 12-month tourist visa.

Does anyone have friends or acquaintances who have used this type of visa that brought a tourist visa like this? or has someone let you do this I disturb many of you who read this article sent to them to read this article as well. They will understand what a tourist visa is. Because, however, the negative consequences that it will follow, it will fall on the user himself. And it may still make the visa application problematic. Please be careful.