Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat’s HBO Max Success exceeds executives’ expectations

movies based on video games They were all branded as bad forever. But the latter may have to be excluded,

although the 2021 edition of Simon McQuoid’s Mortal Kombat has received some negative reviews. but from the revenue and audience, It can be seen that it was a great success. Especially the launch on streaming applications like HBO Max

Mortal Kombat launched in early April for Thailand. and mid-April abroad As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, cinema is a risky area that many people don’t want to get close to. Streaming applications are therefore the choice of today’s generation.


Mortal Kombat’s debut on HBO Max was more successful than executives had anticipated. And it has resulted in more and more HBO Max users, and more continuity.

Mortal Kombat is very interesting to us. We didn’t expect it to do well. But because the movie people began to enter more than HBO Max went over to the other content in the app, application

, however, it will be very successful on HBO Max, but in the sequel. At this time, there has been no announcement to confirm the creation. Although the ending of the movie has fully paved the way for a sequel

, Mortal Kombat fans are eagerly awaiting the news. because if everything goes well We’re likely to see a sequel with new characters and characters we’d like to see appear in this sequel.