Roulette for money


How to play roulette for money

in the world of casinos There is something exciting going on all the time. With games that come with fun, excitement and also a chance to make a lot of money, “roulette” is another game in the casino that should not be missed. Just bring some analytical skills and luck. You can easily turn your game chances into your own. for newbies to learn to turn the game over to master This article therefore prepares 10 roulette formulas that are popularly used by experts. If you are ready to be a favorite at the table Let’s prove together that these roulette formulas will make you a master in no time.

Understanding Roulette Basics

In addition to being easy to play The charm of the game of roulette is a variety of betting methods This makes it easier for gamblers to create opportunities for themselves to become winners of the game, whether with their long experience. or a unique roulette formula You need to understand the basics of betting first.

Roulette betting is simple, anyone can play.

Currently, there are more than 10 betting methods in the game of roulette, each of which distributes the player’s chances of winning in the betting round. which beginners can use the basic betting method first to create expertise and be able to extend it in the future in the following way

Basic Methods for Bet on Roulette
• Black – Red

Gamblers can choose up to 36 bet numbers from 1 to 36, which measures the outcome of a roulette ball landing on a black or red bar.

• Even – Odd

is a low risk method. Just choose to bet on the number that comes out that will be an even number or an odd number if the result of the roulette prediction Come out with the number 0, the dealer will win that turn
• Big – Small

It is a way to bet on whether the number drawn will be a high or low number, where the ‘low’ number in roulette is 1-18 and the ‘high’ number is 19-36.
• Column
Roulette games have rows for the bettor to choose. Bet on 3 rows: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Each row has 12 numbers, totaling 3 zones, 36 numbers in total.

• Dozen

A gambler can bet in this way by choosing a number from 3 zones: 1st (1 – 12), 2nd (13 – 24), and 3rd (25 – 26) in each zone are numbered with 12 numbers. Winners will be based on the winning zone.